Free Custom Itineraries

If you haven’t found an itinerary which works for you, we can make a custom, tailor made itinerary around your wish list, completely free of charge.

Please use the form and we will get back to you with a rough draft of your itinerary as soon as possible and together we will make a perfect itinerary for you.


Preferred Activities:

By describing what kind of activities and sights you enjoy, you are giving us the most important data we need to construct an itinerary that you will really enjoy.


Preferred Lodging:

There are countless lodging opportunities throughout the US. By telling us what is your preferred way of spending the nights, we can find the best lodging facilities for you.



We can’t put together an itinerary if we don’t know how long your trip is going to be.



Dates are important because we need to know what time of the year you are planning your trip. If your dates are not yet confirmed, simply input an approximate date.



Budget is an important part of planning a trip. Please tell us your approximate budget, excluding the airplane fare and rent-a-car fee, so we know what and how much we can include in the itinerary.


Must See Locations:

Everyone has some destinations and sights that are a must. Tells us what are yours so we can include them in your itinerary.


Additional Information:

You can use this field to tell us more about your wishes. More details you provide, more suited the itinerary. For instance you can tell us if you prefer long, strenuous hikes or short easy walks.

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